The Art club is creative, fun and amazing!

- Madeleine, child, Slade Primary School.

I am always really impressed with the range of topics and activities each week. My son has attended this art club for a long time and he absolutely loves it!!! Thank you! 

- Ted and Angie, Slade Primary School

I definitely recommend the Art Cub, my son loves the workshops. He is always very enthusiastic about showing us his work and describing the technique & style he has been using. It is great seeing his interpretation of a particular artist or style. I think it's great the way the workshop uses a variety of materials so the children can experiment with things they may not have used before.

- Parent, Slade Primary School

The club has a wonderful atmosphere and ethos. The children produce very high quality work whilst in a relaxed and friendly environment. Lorena has a way of establishing a quiet, calm and focused atmosphere. The children love attending Art Club. Lorena works well with school staff and communicates brilliantly with myself. Lorena has a lovely personality that enables her to engage with all ages of people. She runs her art club very efficiently and is a delight to work with. 

Mrs Resch, Headteacher, Slade Primary School

Child - "The Art club is really really really good and fun."
Parent - "I'm amazed at the range of creative opportunities and the standard of work my daughter has done. I have been really impressed and she is clearly loving it."

- Louise and Zara, parent and child, Slade Primary School

The Art Club is  a fantastic opportunity for my girls to be creative in a structured environment. Lorena is brilliant at letting them express themselves without forcing her ideas onto them. Their drawing confidence and imaginations have been truly stretched this term.

- Becky, parent, Slade Primary School.

The Art Club  its a fantastic opportunity, I think we are lucky to have this available to us and both my girls enjoy it very much.

- Laura, parent, Slade Primary School.

Lorena is engaging and full of energy. Her enthusiasm really rubs of on the children. She also has incredible organisational skills so that the workshop ran smoothly.

- Mrs Bruce, Head of Art, Hilden Grange Prep School.

The animation workshop was lots fun and a great chance to use ideas we had. 
The highlights were making the text that coloured itself in. It took a while but it looked great. 
It was great! 
- Matthew Noble, year 8 student, Dulwich College Preparatory School

The animation workshop was very enjoyable and fun. 
The thing I enjoyed the most was actually filming and editing the animation. 
If I could choose 3 words to describe the workshop they would be: Enjoyable. Fun. Interesting. 
- Sam Ellison, year 8 student, Dulwich College Preparatory School

The workshops are a great vehicle for exploring the boys' imagination and in seeing their ideas come to life. Drawing, painting, montage collage, collaborative and sequencing of ideas are important and worthwhile elements. Adding a sound track gave their two dimensional art an extra dynamic addition which the boys much enjoyed. The boys very much engaged and were switched on by the technical element of the course. 
Seeing the boys' faces light up made all their hard work worthwhile as the end product is clear evidence of good practice, achievement and the boys feeling fulfilled and delighted with their product. Three words that describe the workshops? - Educational, enjoyable and worthwhile. 
- Glenn smart, Head of Art, Dulwich College Preparatory School

I thought that the animation workshops were really interesting and I think the fact that technology was involved helped the boys to concentrate. 
My highlight was seeing the finished piece on the big screen and also making the characters for the story. 
3 words? - Fun, Interesting, time-consuming! 
- Benet Parker, year 8 student, Dulwich College Prep School

Sofia and Eva absolutely loved the classes with you. They had bubbling fun at the animations class and I could see how much it met their needs at their age for working together in a small group as well as letting their imagination grow. They loved every aspect of the process of planning and making the animation and I gathered they loved working with you. Each day I picked them up and they were sparkling, full of life and excitement and I could see that they were full and satisfied with how much creativity was allowed and fostered in the class. 
They also loved the Art and Spanish class and are very proud about the Spanish dictionary they created. Eva started practicing the words and expressions they had learnt in class. They loved the new learnt skill of printmaking, too. 
- Nati Beltran, mum

The Spanish and Art workshop was Good fun and learnt some new things. 
My favourite thing about the workshop was using the ink and carving in the foam. 
In 3 words: Fab, messy and calming. 
- Serena Thompson, 8 years old

I would recommend the workshop. 
- Annabel Thompson, mum

I was nervous at first but everyone was really friendly. I enjoyed every part of the workshop. I liked designing the props and the step-by-step animation. 
To describe it in three words: Fun, friendly, inventive. 
I would definitely recommend it: It's great to do something different. 
- Jamie Rice, 11 years old

My son doesn't show much interest in art but he is addicted to computer games so I hoped this would have elements that would engage him and yet be different enough to make a change from just staring at his screen. To my surprise he said he enjoyed working out the story and drawing as much as the laptop work. 
I think one of the best points was the small size of the workshop with plenty of equipment to go round. It was friendly and relaxed with adequate time to achieve the final result. 
He's still talking about it – and so am I! 
- Susan Rice, mum