The Banquet - Orleans House Gallery

These animations were created by young people with disabilities and additional needs aged 18-30, at the Transitions Art Group, at Orleans House Gallery. For this project participants were inspired by Queen Caroline's banquet, which was held in The Octagon Room in 1729, at Orleans House. The animations were shown during the ‘The New Georgians’ exhibition at Orleans House Gallery. 
(please remember to turn your speakers on)

Crick Lates-The Francis Crick Institute

This is one of the short films from my recent workshop at Crick Lates. Participants produced short animations  during this evening event which gave them the oportunity  to delve into many areas of Crick research. I worked with scientists at The Francis Crick Institute to develop content for the  workshop before devising and creating the assets to animate. The animation explores the process of Meiosis in yeast.


A selection from animations created by children, familes and young people at Old Big School Gallery at Tonbridge School. For this project participants were inspired by artworks from the 'Digital Generation' exhibition -  Fidelity International Collection. (please remember to turn your speakers on)

 These  are the final animations created by young people  from the local community of Whitechapel  at The Centre of The Cell,  Queen Mary University of London. Participants used collage and their own drawings to explore WW1 Medicine.  These workshops were  the culmination stage of a long year project on ‘Wartime Medicine and Innovation’ funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. 

‘Microscopic Creatures’ a series of Science, Art and animation workshops run in partnership with The Francis Crick Institute, as part of their outreach programme. These special workshops aim to engage local communities with science through art. Inspired by the beautiful and bizarre world of bacteria, fungi and viruses, participants created ‘microscopic creatures’ before bringing them to life with stop-motion animation software. The Workshops were run in primary schools and community centres in Camden during the months of December 2014 and January 2015. These are a selection of animations created by 360 children from 7 schools. Enjoy! (please remember to turn your speakers on)

'Platform Video-games ' Community Day _Tonbridge School/ Stop Motion Animation created by Tonbridge School students and students from local schools.

These are the  recent animations created by Tonbridge School students. (please remember to turn your speakers on

'The Magic Beans' was created with children from The Russell School during their Arts Week. It is an alternative 'Jack And The Bean Stalk' story and involved creative input from over 50 children.

Here are some animations from a day-long animation workshop with 9-14 year olds, at Orleans House Gallery, April 2012. 

Castelnau Youth Center: 'The Secret Life of Objects' Animation Workshop

Stop-Motion Animation Project for young people with disabilities at Orleans House Gallery

'Collage in Motion' Animation Workshop  for  GCSE students at Tonbridge School.

This animation was created by Year 4 children at Hilden Grange Preparatory School during their Creative Arts Week.

A Christmas Movie from The Art Club at Slade Primary School. - Happy Christmas!

 Here are some animations from a day-long animation workshop with 5-9 year olds, at Orleans House Gallery,.